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Sunday, 25th September  2022 2:34:am

Beside the hospital, Aitutaki also has a Post Office complex which was built by the New Zealand GCentre of the main town Arutanga in Aitutaki.Centre of the main town Arutanga in Aitutaki.overnment and opened in 1956 by Wynn Ryan, an architect and the man in charge of Public Works at the time.

For many years the Aitutaki Post Office was situated in this small complex with the Government Liquor Store tucked away in one corner of the building. At the time, this was the only place where Aitutakians could buy their beer or spirits.

The Post Office was then a grand affair, boasting several counters where mail was handed out as there were no Post Office Boxes then; where Telephone bills (a Party Line system was used in the 60’s) as well as Power bills could be paid. Most importantly, this was the place where Old Age Pensioners and children received their pensions and benefits, paid for by the Government.

Today, this complex, slightly renovated, accommodates the Post Office (Telecom), 2 Banks where visitors can change their foreign currencies and locals do their bankings and H.M. Customs, a one man show.

Yet despite all these changes, the same complex still serves as a meeting place for friends to chat on the steps to the facilities and for the fortnightly visit by Old-Age Pensioners or mothers to collect their pensions and child benefits.

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