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The hospital complex and building was established in the late seventies (1978). Before then the Hospital facilities were located down in the island’s town centre in the offices that now host the Police Station and Justice Department activities.

The land was gifted for the purpose of providing a health service to all Aitutakians, and the multi-landholding families continue to honour this arrangement with Government.

Hospital 2014Hospital 2014The building was renovated in 2008. Then in early 2010 Cyclone Patrick damaged the north-eastern sections of the building. The New Zealand Army, during the emergency period in the aftermath of Cyclone Pat, worked hard to repair the hospital to operating levels again. By April 2010 the total emergency and long term repair work on the hospital had been completed.

Aitutaki being a very prominent destination for tourists and Cook Islanders alike requires the hospital to maintain certain emergency and referral services standards in line with being able to cater for international travelers and visitors to the island.

There are 25 beds … 2 Doctors….8 Nurses….2 Dispensary staff….for an island with a population of 1200 approx. and a number of visitors. There are many a times when one visits the hospital and there are 2, 1, or no in-patients. However, the Doctors are quite busy with out-patients.

There are the odd cases which need emergency care or operations not available locally, and these are flown to Rarotonga for treatment.

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